miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Teatro en ingés

Visitas a actuaciones en el Centro Cívicodel Crucero.

On 22nd February the 3º and 4º ESO students went to the theatre to see an adaptation of this well-known comedy of errors by Shakespeare (Mucho Ruido y Pocas Nueces).
Borachio, a naughty servant, was fed up with his peculiar master, Benedick. One day he decided to make fun of him. He knew that the beautiful Beatrice was not in love with Benedick, but he managed to trick them both into confessing their love for each other…
In the end, they actually fell deeeeeeply in love, thanks to the students´ help, of course… and they married in front of the audience. Or did they???? Did you notice the priest´s moustache falling off in the middle of the wedding?
Wicked Borachio took his own back!!!!! 

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